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I wanted to give you the good news. First please offer my thnaks to your spirit guides who so accurately gave us the time of sale of our house. You had come to do the cleansing on April 4th. At that time you did tell me that "They are showing me a number 3; I don't know what it means if it is 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months". Well, on April 25th (exactly on the 3rd week) we received our first offer and I waited until today for the house to pass the inspection which it did and now the house is sold! You had also said that everything will move on smoothly which it has and our sincere thanks to you for your help. This had been a burden on my mind too which is lifted now. I feel better since you did the house cleansing.
Thanks once again. Keep up the good work. RZ


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how accurate you were.
Got the job offers EXACTLY as you described. You mentioned that there would be three opportunities: -one was a little bit disorganized and I would know that it wouldn't be right for me -the second one would be a huge orderly package from a company with a red logo (and it was!) -the third would be irrelevant because it was the second job that I wanted all along (how true!)
You also said that it would happen in about 3 months from the reading... Well,
I accepted the 2nd offer and I will be starting the job almost exactly 3 months
from the reading!
Thanks for a wonderful experience! LB


Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful reading you did for me yesterday. Getting connected to my dearest mother meant a lot to me. The information you channeled was accurate. Please continue sharing your gift. I will see you soon. RZ


I contacted Libby in hopes that she might be able to contact my biological mother who passed away in 1985. The reading was an important and pivotal turning point in my life. In the reading, Libby gave me crucial pieces of information that enabled me to ultimately figure out firstly, who my biological father was, and in the end, where he was. Libby lit a moonless path for me and I am forever indebted to her for that. Libby bestows a unique and remarkable talent. Her vibrant character and great sense of humour make for a relaxed and enjoyable session. Saying that I ‘highly recommend’ Libby doesn’t really cut it – Libby’s participation on my journey to find my biological parents was key and she changed my world forever. AD


Let me take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful reading.

From the moment it started, I knew it was going to be meaningful and memorable. Everything you, your guides and my grandmother brought forth was detailed and very personal. The detail was remarkable! You are extremely connected to the Spirit world Libby. You are truly a gift to all of us who are lucky enough to find you.
Brightest blessings, Libby - and I know I will see you again soon. PS


I was having such a difficult time accepting my loss.
I kept dreaming that my father is alive and breathing,
which in a way pushed me to find you. Somehow, after
our session I feel the pain has been lifted. Just
knowing that he still exists made a difference in my
life. You are simply amazing! Thank you. TA


"I had the most incredible and powerful experience in my reading with Libby.
From the very start of the reading it was apparent that she had connected me
with my husband and I was able to have questions answered that had a hold on
me since his passing.
This was an experience I highly recommend."  CA


I have known Libby Borbas for several years, long before she started using her 'gift' professionally. When she came forward and offered to give me a reading, I frankly had no expectations at all. All but two of my blood relatives have been dead for more years than I would care to count. I have known about my unfinished business with many of them, especially my parents, for as long as I can remember. Whether our family is in mortal form or not, they stay with us, as do the pieces of ourselves which are unhealed. Since I have participated in many spiritual and therapeutic practices with good results, I couldn't really imagine what else she could add that would support me.

The information that Libby channelled was uncannily accurate. My mother came through and talked about how my son was exactly like her younger brother Tony, not her older sibling Joe. I had not thought of Tony in years! It had never occurred to me that my boy was kindred to his great uncle - but he is! He is artistic, musical, sensitive and quiet - all characteristics of my mother's brother. She knew of all manner of details and issues in my life which I had not shared with her, and in many cases, not with anyone. The most compelling feature of our session was that it cracked me wide open. For reasons that I cannot explain I grieved and cried for days in a way which I cannot remember doing, even at my mother's funeral. On the other side of it, I simply knew that my mother was beside me, around me, caring for me and my son. I had a new found sense of support and peace. There was a huge, quantum shift in my 'relationship' with my mother. I started having dreams of her, finding her in solutions that just seemingly 'came' to me, 'coincidences' that told me that I had opened a portal to one of the most loving relationships that I have ever known. That in some strange way, it was even stronger and purer now than it had been when I was a small girl of 6 or 7. Libby is a living channel. She is not only gifted beyond measure, she is possessed of great integrity and huge honesty. Unlike many 'psychics' out there she is alarmingly normal, regular and calm. She is not some large aging woman wrapped in a shroud of fabric with suns and moons all over it, poised over a crystal ball, manipulating for money. She is the real thing. If you find that her and your paths have crossed and that you are working with her, you are truly blessed. Lucky. Charmed.

Libby is the door from here to there, and she can open it for you.  JP


I wanted to say how grateful I am for the messages and the imagery you shared with me, especially the evocative and lovely parting image of me in a shower of pink raindrops. As I stated to you then, it's a moving image I will not forget. Please thank your spirit guides for me!

I found my first-ever reading with a medium to be a delightful, enlightening, and enriching experience.

I know your readings are to confirm the continuance of the soul, but my reading did much more for me. As I told you, I feel very much like a messenger in my life, and have always felt a strong intuition about spiritual matters. Much of what you were saying was truly a validation of that, and the truths I hold dear about my own path and spiritual guides. I am tremendously grateful. It reminded me to trust the intuitive voice inside.

For instance, I always talk to cardinals, as they are a symbol to me of my friend's son, who I believe is one of my spirit guides. While cardinals, per se, did not emerge from my reading, the information that did about a man resembling Einstein was a clear connection to "J". So, again, how gratifying.

Thanks so much, Libby. You do important work, and do it with class and integrity. MP


I was pleased with the flow of the session and was able to relate to much of the information she shared with me.
Libby seemed to be particularly accurate in reference to events which have since occurred while on vacation over the last two weeks. BG


I never had a reading done before and I must say I was overwhelmed with your accuracy regarding both my past events and future opportunities!

You connected me with my mother who passed away over twenty years ago. You provided intimate details regarding my family history that only she could know. My mom (thru you) was able to let me know that I was on the right path, and that what I was doing was the right thing for me.
You advised me on where my career had been and where it was heading with my current employer with amazing accuracy.

Libby, Thanks again.
You were amazing! GO


When I made the appointment I did not know what to expect. Libby knew things about my deceased grandparents that was not common knowledge. My favorite part was when she 'saw' something important about me that was the 'key' I needed at this point of my spiritual growth. I truly needed to hear that Libby, Thank-you!! DH


I was a bit skeptical before having a phone reading with Libby, and was not sure that I would get any help or information that I would find useful. I now am convinced of her ability to provide important guidance with the help of those on the other side. During the reading she told me about personal things that she could not have known without being able to see things that most of us do not. I would recommend Libby to anyone who is serious about getting advice or guidance in their lives. KC


Wanted to thank you very much for the reading last Thursday. Some of the things you had mentioned in the reading that I was unsure of, I talked to my sister about and she validated most of the things you had mentioned. Seems my mom was into knitting before I came along, and all that stuff about a rectangle and cone or circle along with the Sunrise comment, was again her (my mom) trying to varify that it was indeed her that you 'tuned' into. As I mentioned, she lived for a short time at a retirement residence called Sunrise and the section of the building where her room was located - sounds like what she was describing...pretty interesting stuff indeed! I have listened to the tape again, and its funny how you hear things you missed the first time.

Thank you for sharing your gift with me! TP


"Libby provided me with an amazing reading complete with details provided by my brother who had passed less than a month before. It was incredible how much of his personality came through.
I highly recommend her!"  TN

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